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Cloud Base Paragliding Nepal is a newly started company in the area of Paragliding and air-sports at Pokhara. Though a newly started venture, the entire crew affiliated with the company has a decade long experience in the arena. With a team of highly experienced pilots & an elegant group of managers, office operation and hospitable service staff we strive to fulfill the dream of passengers (from within the nation and abroad) of flying like a bird inside the clouds.

Pokhara is a very wonderful destination for paragliding tourists all over the world. Once you take off from the hillock at Sarangkot and as you keep flying higher with the thermals, you can enjoy the majestic view of the panoramic Annapurna range towards the north. At the same time, you can also enjoy the incredible view of the World Peace Pagoda, Fewa Lake, green paddy fields, forests and the beautiful Pokhara city. And whatever may be the flavor of your interest-solo flight, tandem flight, cross-country or para-trekking flights we have a perfect team at your service.

We have a very well trained team of pilots, who keep briefing you about the flight. Our pilots constantly keep instructing about the actions you need to follow during the takeoff, flight and landing. Also the pilots constantly update you of the flight conditions and the behaviors you should maintain during the paragliding course. Our pilots are responsible not only for safe flights, but also for making you enjoy at the fullest.

Come on give us an opportunity to fly you, we will add memories to your life which could be cherished forever.

Service Packages

Tandem Flights

Imagine soaring through the air like a bird and landing gently on the ground after a superb flight? Or how about giving someone special that unforgettable gift? Perhaps you’re organizing a unique event for family, friends, office colleagues, or customers? A tandem paragliding flight is both a safe and exhilarating experience for anyone on just about any occasion.


Are you an adventure lover? Would you like to go for Para-treking? If so then join us. The package depends on the groups. We can take you to different locations like Mardi Himal, Korsung, Shree kot,Bandipur and many other locations in the outskirts of Pokhara. The package can be cock-tailed with other adventures like rafting. We facilitate your group with all the necessary documents and permits required.

Cross Country

This package covers a long distance and duration of paragliding flights where you can experience high thermals and enjoy your flight in front of the majestic mountains and above the peaceful and calm lake. Experience the joyful moment long in air, with the birds and the clouds.

Sweet Package

The sweet package is meant for the individuals who would like to add special memories to the pages of their life in the special occasions. It could be your birthday, wedding anniversary or the moment of your graduation. Come on tell us your story, we will craft a beautiful souvenir for you, the wow insight in your lifetime.

Our Team

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Mr. BalKrishna

member 2

Mr. Ram

member 3

Mr. Sandip

member 4

Mr. Parbin

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Duration and locations can be moderated as per your interests

Tandem Flight(25 Min.)

Flight duration can be adjusted bet.15min-30min depending on weather conditions

Price: NRs.8500.00*

Cross Country(1 Hrs.)

Flight duration can be adjusted bet.35min-1Hr.depending on weather conditions

Price: NRs.11500.00*

Special Flight (30 Min.)

The flight duration may vary bet 15min-30min depending on weather conditions.

Price: NRs.15000.00*

Contact Us

Head Office

Cloudbase Paragliding Nepal

Pokhara, Lakeside 6, Center Point

Kaski District, Nepal.

Mobile: +977-9846029364

Contact: +977-61467254

E-mail : paraglidingcloudbase@gmail.com

Cloudbase Paragliding Nepa; LakeSide 6,Pokhara,Center Point Tel:061-467254

Feel free to contact us for any queries

We are the official dealer of ICARO for Nepal